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Banner tensioning system "Lumi-2000"

Banner tensioning system of aluminium profiles "Lumi-2000" (Canada) is popular for producing illuminated signs for  gas-stations, supermarkets and other objects; also for even and qualitative tensioning of banner.

The best features of LUMI-2000 are simplicity and effectiveness. There are necessary only two profiles – basic and finish – to make a standard illuminated sign of system LUMI-2000.

Even with these advantages, system LUMI-2000 has lower price than the analogical systems.


Technical information

More about Lumi-2000

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The main advantages of system LUMI-2000:

Inexpensive. Shortest production times by using only a few components.
Energy-saving. Less fluorescent tubes through reflector technique.
Simple maintenance. Quick tensioning of the flexible
face material without screws.
Versatile. Many forms and sizes are possible.

 lumi schema 2

The profile front is designed frameless.
The motive can run to the outside edge of the profile – also for illuminated surfaces.
The tensioning and loosening of the flexible face material has to be made laterally.

 lumi schema 3

Simply attached the flex holder to the flexible face material beginning at the edge. Distance between the flex holders 70 to 100 mm (the more bigger the surface is, the smaller the distance between the flex holders are).

 lumi schema 4

EPS 1-014 Retrofit JR, t = 3,0 mm

EPS 1-016 Retrofit SR, t = 4,5 mm
lumi schema 5
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